Owning your own business can be both a struggle and a reward.  However the rewards can and should outweigh the struggles.  Don’t let the difficulties of business finance ruin you.  The difficulties are what make us stretch ourselves to create a better product or service.  Finding the joy in owning your own business doesn’t mean you should go it alone.  However you shouldn’t give the power to someone else either.  Remember, it is your business, you own it.  Make the most of it and don’t let the joy become a burden.    


“Being an entrepreneur, means surrounding yourself with the best knowledge in order to succeed. ”

Better Business

“Prosperity: Having and showing foresight to succeed and flourish in financial respects.”



  • Concerned with helping people do and think things.
  • Helps people find a view and articulate it.
  • Helps people concentrate and be clear in the here and now.
  • Helps people communicate their thoughts about the future.
  • Helps others make meaning of their hopes and dreams.
  • Helps others share their vision and mission or purpose.



Our lives can lead us in many different directions.  We often have hopes and dreams in our youth but the vision can fade with time if we don’t take appropriate action.  Many of us get so caught up in day-to-day living that when we look back, we wonder how the time has flown.  We look up and think that this is not where we hoped and dreamed to be in this stage of life.  The good news is that life can be changed for the better.  We can and should thrive instead of just existing.  We can live our best life now with hard, focused work. 


Best Life


Since 2012, our family has had the goal to create the best life for us. We realized quickly that it was easier said than done. There was a confusion that fogged our vision of how to create that life. We live in a very prosperous time, yet many are not able to achieve their own prosperity; we were included in that group.

We started asking ourselves “Why, when we live in such a wonderful and prosperous time, are we not living the best we can? What do we need to change to receive the fullness of what life can bring?” After much serious thought and study, we realized how to get onto OUR pathway…

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