Provident Financial Pathway

Pathway to a Personal Prosperity Plan

We work hard to help you understand and develop your plan to financial prosperity.  Below is a quick outline that our facilitators use.  

Gift of Agency

Setting Goals

We use SMART goals to establish your guidelines for your pathway.

Money Matters

Understanding Money

Understanding the basics of money and how it functions is a great start on your pathway.

Optimize Status

Where Are You

You might be further alone the pathway then you think.  But you also might not be as far along as you think.

Nurture Inflow

Cashflow is King

Do you have the necessary income or revenue to get you moving along the pathway?

Effective Outflow

Control that Cash

Often, we have more than enough or adequate income, but we then waste it on the other end. 

Yield Savings

More Power

Now that you have your income and expenses under control, the pathway is looking a lot more prosperous.

Get On The Pathway